Value of sports

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Sports taught me things about myself that have helped guide me in my life direction. For starters, thanks to Pop Warner football, I learned at an early age about getting knocked on your rear end and then getting back up to try to do it better the next time.

That was the value of sports for me. Value of Practice and Preparation. Come Ready or Never Start—that pretty much says it all when it comes to defining the importance of practice and preparation in succeeding in sports or in life.

Youngsters can learn the value of preparation and practice in order to allow them to reach their goals as an individual or team.

Social value of sport

Returns on investment in sports programmes for at-risk youth are estimated at £ of social benefit for every £1 spent – through financial savings to police, the criminal justice system and the community.

The great value of sport is that it teaches us to recognize the difference between winning and striving for excellence, the better but much harder achievement. More important, sports teaches us how to handle failure, to get up and try again when we lose.

That's the most valuable lesson, since we lose more than we win in life. The Value of Sports such as Hockey, football, cricket, tennis, badminton, rowing and swimming all these and others not only give exercise to the libs but also provide a good deal of excitement and entertainment.

Besides, the competitive element in sports is source of thrills for the mind.

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