Tzar nicholas ii downfall of

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Nicholas II (1868-1918)

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What led to Czar Nicholas II's downfall?

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A Short Caucasian Bibliography

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Nicholas II of Russia

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Execution of the Romanov family

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The Russian Imperial Romanov family (Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsarina Alexandra and their five children Olga, Tatiana, Maria, Anastasia, and Alexei) and all those who chose to accompany them into imprisonment—notably Eugene Botkin, Anna Demidova, Alexei Trupp and Ivan Kharitonov—were shot, bayoneted and clubbed to death in.

A Short Caucasian Bibliography. viz. a comprehensive, illustrated & regularly updated. BIBLIOGRAPHY OF WORKS. relating to the. wider Caucasus region — Its history, its peoples.

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Tsar Nicholas II was an extremely weak leader who inherited an extremely volatile empire. His cousin (and brother-in-law) Sandro has stated that the premature death of Alexander III (Nicholas’s father) brought the inevitable revolution forward by 25 years.

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