Saving gorillas

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Saving the Mountain Gorilla

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Top 10 Ways to Protect Mountain Gorillas

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Saving Africa's endangered mountain gorilla

Saving Africa's endangered mountain gorilla. Close to 30, tourists come every year for the gorillas and tourism is the biggest source of foreign income for this tiny nation.

Adopt a gorilla from just £3 Saving gorillas month and help save a species on the edge of extinction Discover More As pioneers of community-led conservation, we work to save the world's last remaining gorillas from extinction. Saving the Gorilla. There are many organizations that are dedicated to saving the gorillas.

Each one has it's own focus. Each on thinks it has the answer. In this part of our investigation, you will form groups and visit the websites of many of these organizations.

Think of these questions as you prepare a presentation about the organization. Animal Lovers Saving Gorillas In A War Zone. Congo’s gorilla doctors hike deep into forests swarming with rebels and genocidaires, risking their lives to treat the endangered mountain apes.

Mountain gorillas were discovered inand are one of the two species of eastern gorilla, the other being the eastern lowland gorilla. Both are classified as critically endangered, but with a population of only recorded in the mountain gorilla is considered to be most at risk.

Saving gorillas
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