Internal external stakeholders in tesco

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Explain the Roles of Both Internal and External Stakeholders Tesco Essay Sample

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Explain the Roles of Both Internal and External Stakeholders Tesco Essay Sample

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Tesco and Oxfam Stakeholders

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Stakeholders in Tesco can have conflict. These An example of conflict would be between suppliers (bakery) and the Tesco shareholders.

This conflict would be based on the fact that as Tesco is planning on closing their bakery because they want to increase its supplies from other bakeries. The shareholders are known to be the most important stakeholders in Tesco as the have invested money and time into the growth of the business.

The shareholders interest in Tesco is to see their share of profit increasing (High dividend) and the value of the business increasing.

Who are the External Stakeholders of a Company?

Transcript of An example of stakeholders within Tesco are shareholders, cu Stakeholders are anyone with an interest in a business. stakeholders are individuals, groups or organizations that are affected by the activity of the business.

furthermore, in schools, the stakeholders are anyone who is invested in the welfare and success of a school. The fourth stakeholder I am going to evaluate is suppliers which are external stakeholders.

Suppliers are someone whose business is to supply a particular service or commodity. Suppliers can decide whether to raise prices for orders which can obviously affect a Tesco’s profits.

On the other hand, external stakeholders represent outside parties, which affect or get affected by, the business activities. Due to the complexity of the business environment, it is very difficult to identify that which factor is considered as the internal or external stakeholder.

The 4th stakeholder I am traveling to measure is providers which are external stakeholders. Suppliers are person whose concern is to provide a peculiar service or trade good.

Suppliers can make up one’s mind whether to raise monetary values for orders which can evidently impact a Tesco’s net incomes.

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