Drivers bad habits

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Top 10 Bad Habits of Thai Drivers – How to Survive Traffic in Thailand

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Distracted driving also includes other bad habits we’ve developed to save time, like applying makeup and eating. Wait until you get to your destination to text or call. If it’s urgent, pull over into the parking lot of a shopping center. To avoid boredom or to save time, drivers have developed several dangerous habits including eating, putting on make-up, and talking on the cellphone.

First, Eating is the most common risky habit for drivers/5(1). This video from SavageGeese discusses the worst driving habits, behaviors, and annoyances of modern drivers. In the video, common mistakes and how to avoid them are detailed.

A discussion of some of the worst habits and characteristics of California drivers, for tourists and travelers heading for California. Drivers CPC.

Ajusto app that watches your driving habits leads to privacy concerns

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Drivers bad habits
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