Democratic religion in wethersfield connecticut 1750 1780

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Dbq Colonial Wethersfield

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He was waiting in Wethersfield, Connecticut at the writing of the war. Motivated both by a distaste for the religious and political structure of Massachusetts and by a desire to open up new land, Hooker and his followers began moving into the Connecticut valley in By they had succeeded in founding three towns— Hartford, Windsor, and Wethersford.

Wethersfield, Connecticut is a prime example of how the American society was becoming more democratic through property distribution, kindly structure, politics, and religion between and Democratic property distribution allowed everyone the discover of leting his or her own shore up.

Even in his study of religious contention entitled Valley of Discord: Church and Society along the Connecticut River, (Hanover, N.H.: University Press of New England, ), Paul Lucas subscribes to the belief that "most of the early towns [in the Connecticut Valley] were founded by wandering congregations" (p.

40), a generalization. Politics in Wethersfield, which was almost proprietary in the s, turned more democratic by Duringall offices were held by persons in the top 50% holding of assessed property.

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By13% of offices were held by persons whose assessed property holdings were in the lower 50%. Col. (Major) Samuel Appleton, d.of Ipswich Massachusetts, Representative incommanded all the Massachusetts forces on the Connecticut River, and fought in the expedition against Narraganset where he was imprisoned.

Also a judge who presided at the Essex County Quarterly Courts. Democracy in Wethersfield, CT society (including religion) Connecticut, Thomas Hooker Fundamental Orders, New England Confederation Restoration colonies Pennsylvania, William Penn Quakers, pacifism New Amsterdam, Dutch East Indian Co.

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Democratic religion in wethersfield connecticut 1750 1780
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