An analysis of persona by bergman

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Why Ingmar Bergman’s Persona remains a radically visionary work

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This existential wail of a drama from Ingmar Bergman concerns two sisters, Karin (Ingrid Thulin) and Maria (Liv Ullmann), keeping vigil for a third, Agnes (Harriet Andersson), who is dying of cancer and can find solace only in the arms of a beatific servant (Kari Sylwan).

Persona is also cinema about cinema—a point that Bergman makes clear with his six-minute prologue montage sequence—which is one of the reasons it is such an irresistible challenge for writers.

The first of these shots is from the prologue. Persona () – Consequences of a Silent World (Ingmar Bergman) This article contains spoilers. Though drenched in visual complexities and sharp, hap-hazard editing, Ingmar Bergman’s Persona () is film that is aurally interesting as it is exhilarating to view.

‘Persona’: Ingmar Bergman’s Psychological Masterpiece as the White Whale of Critical Analysis

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An analysis of persona by bergman
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