Abolish marriage

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He graded that the state should just copy people "civil licenses", with the institution "marriage" left "as a religious concept" for writers to debate outside the proper of government. First, abolishing marriage could be said to violate equal protection if it were adopted for the purpose of denying marriage to same-sex couples.

And second, because marriage is a fundamental right, the state may be obligated to make it available to all competent adults. For a marriage, the ceremony is solemnised by the couple saying a prescribed form of words; in a civil partnership, the couple can simply sign a document.

Marriages can be conducted through either a civil. First, abolishing marriage could be said to violate equal protection if it were adopted for the purpose of denying marriage to same-sex couples.

Why We Shouldn’t (and Won’t) Abolish Marriage

And second, because marriage is a fundamental right, the state may be obligated to make it available to all competent adults.

Abolish The Marriage Act. 47 likes.

Why We Shouldn’t (and Won’t) Abolish Marriage

We believe that the Marriage Equality discussion is a disgrace. It's time that Governments stopped regulating. Marriage privatization is the concept that the state should have no authority to define the terms of personal relationships such as marriage.

Proponents of marriage privatization, including certain minarchists, anarchists, libertarians, and opponents of government interventionism, claim that such relationships are best defined by private individuals and not the state.

The effort to abolish marriage is intimately connected to the ongoing radical redefinition of family.

Marriage privatization

Too many Americans seem hypnotized by the slogan that abolishing civil marriage will “get.

Abolish marriage
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