1967 referendum experiencing of aboriginals

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The 1967 referendum essay

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The 1967 referendum – Fact sheet 150

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As wide-ranging consultation and receiving thousands of observations, the panel delivered its validity to Prime Minister Bell Gillard on 19 January. The Australian referendum of 27 Maycalled by the Holt Government, approved two amendments to the Australian constitution relating to Indigenous unavocenorthernalabama.comcally it was a vote on the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals)[1] which became law on 10 August following the results of the referendum.

The amendments were overwhelmingly endorsed, winning % of votes cast.

The 1967 Referendum

The referendum – Fact sheet On 27 May a Federal referendum was held. The first question, referred to as the 'nexus question' was an attempt to alter the balance of numbers in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Was the referendum a cataclysm for Aboriginal people or for racists? In fact, the referendum was a significant milestone alongside others, like equal pay.

The mixed results of all these partial victories will be clarified by further anti-racist fights. Technically it was a vote on the Constitution Alteration (Aboriginals)which became law on 10 August following the results of the referendum. The amendments were overwhelmingly endorsed, winning % of votes cast and carrying in all six states.

"The victory of the referendum was not a change of white attitudes. The real victory was the spirit of hope and optimism which affected blacks all over Australia.

The referendum On 27 MayAustralians voted in favour of changes to the Australian Constitution to improve the services available to Indigenous Australians.

The changes focused on two sections of the Constitution, which discriminated against Aborigines.

1967 referendum experiencing of aboriginals
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